Our Specialty Filtration Products

I.W. Tremont has served the analytical and laboratory supply markets with filtration media and technical specialty products for well over 34 years.  Our insights, knowledge and expertise enable us to offer our customers a focused comprehensive product offering to meet the requirements of today's labs.  The following are the most widely used filtration products for a broad range of markets and applications.

Grade VSS® Binder Free Material

A binder free material manufactured using a proprietary glass chemistry which permits usage in high heat applications beyond typical borosilicate glass blends. Ideally suited for determination of "Fixed & Volatile Solids Ignited at 550°C" Method 2540E.  Low fiber shedding improves quality assurance of test results and low percentage of weight loss when used in gravemetric tests.  High loading capacity is an attribute of the high surface area and complex pore structure.  Material is also compliant with the requirements of standard methods 2540C &2540D and EPA Method 160.2 for establishing water quality in suspended solids content.  Same high heat properties and superior performance as 934-AH®, but at a more cost- effective price.

Grade TSS® Binderless Filters

Binderless high efficiency (HEPA type) filter medium. Liquid filtration properties have been specifically designed for EPA Methods 2540C and 2540D for testing dissolved and suspended solids in water and wastewater. High flow rate with high capacity. Binderless borosilicate glass fiber media has no added extractables to aid in the elimination of sample contamination. Excellent wet strength. Other common applications include gravimetric analysis of air pollutants, membrane support pads, membrane prefilters, clarification of reagent and buffer solutions, filtration of eluent for HPLC and moisture analysis pads.

Additional glass microfiber products

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