LabExact® Filtration Product Line

I.W. Tremont's LabExact® brand products are known for value and quality and offers superior repeatability and precision. 

I.W. Tremont has been manufacturing analytical filtration, separation, safety and sample preparation consumables under hundreds of private label and OEM names since 1979.  Chances are you have already used many of our products.  LabExact® is also a technology innovator by combining cutting edge material science with ease of use methodology and a focus on commercial value.  

The LabExact® brand fills a void in the market for those distributors who; (a) do not engage in private label product sales, (b) international distributors selling within geographic regions that are not generally accepting of OEM products (c) resellers engaged in some international tenders and large government contracts precluding "self branded" OEM goods – in these instances LabExact® is an excellent opportunity.

The LabExact® brand is only available through authorized distributors, or via our official manufacturer e-commerce platform. 

Please contact us for more information and to start selling the LabExact® branded products.

LabExact® brand is available from these authorized distributors:

North America

United States:


Costa Rica


Youngmin  82-42-381-7438



Yen International, Singapore     (65) 6300 9896



Q.  Why has Tremont made its products available as the LabExact® brand as well as private label through distributors?

A.  Tremont has been a private label supplier since 1979.  With the acceptance of private label products through distributors growing stronger each year many of our distributors have created brand presence of their own that is recognized and trusted by end users.  With that said, as Tremont enters a new phase of growth globally, many international and online-exclusive distributors have no interest in launching their own brand of consumables and utilize the LabExact® brand as a competitive route to market.

Q.  The distributor I purchase from does not currently promote, offer or sell one or more of the LabExact® products I am interested in.  How do I obtain it?

A.  Please ask your distributor to either adopt the product as standard offering or sell it to you as a special product transaction.  Tremont has an extremely simple process in place for completing such transactions quickly and easily.

Q.  Are the LabExact® products the same quality as the other brands in the market?

A.  Tremont manufactures this product line exactly the same as our private label products offered through the long established and trusted distributor network.  The materials, components, processes, labor and facilities are identical.  Tremont's private label products are well accepted, trusted and bring real value to end users - thus, no difference in LabExact® brand.  They are premium analytical consumables.

Q.  Why are there price differences amongst distributors selling the LabExact® branded products?

A.  It is Tremont's strict policy to not regulate or control a distributors selling price.  Each distributor is able to establish their own pricing structure as suitable for their own market and competitiveness.

Q.  Where do I find a list of distributors selling LabExact® products?

A.  If you are not currently working with a distributor carrying the LabExact® products, the easiest way to find a distributor selling these products is a search engine.  Because most of the LabExact® distributors are online-exclusive or internationally exclusive, they are highly visible through Google™, Bing™ or other widely used search engines.

If the distributor you are working with does not currently sell LabExact® products, please ask them to consider carrying the line and contact Tremont - we make it very simple to implement.

For direct referrals, Tremont can only provide a "nearest" or in-state distributor suggestion with no preference.  In instances of specialty markets or specific scientific disciplines, Tremont can supply distributors with specific field knowledge, (if known).

Q.  Does I.W. Tremont offer marketing and technical support as well as sales training to LabExact® brand distributors?

A.  Yes.  Tremont offers LabExact® distributors the same excellent level of support as private label distributors.  This support consists of: digital product images, literature PDFs, informational product videos, proprietary online Equivalency Converter tools, sales training modules and many other unique reseller support aids.   If interested in learning more about these tools, either as a LabExact® or private label distributor, please contact

LabExact Binderless Glass Microfiber


LabExact Cellulose Filter Media


LabExact Microbiological Filtration Monitor


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