Botanical Extraction Filters

High Quality Extracts Begin with High Quality Science Grade Filter Media

  • Highest reliability and consistent quality – we are an analytical filter products manufacturer.
  • High recovery rates, delivering the highest yields in the lowest number of filter passes.
  • Fastest flow rates possible at stated retentions.
  • Innovations that improve the botanical extraction process.
  • Serving OEM’s and Distributors. Private label branding with no minimums on standard sizes.
  • Diameters up to 98cm (38.5 in).
  • Custom configurations and filter shapes, rapid prototyping of evaluations samples and low order minimums.

Download literature for a new Cannabis Extraction Filter Technology

Download literature for Cannabis Extraction Filters

Here are a few examples of our recommended material grades for vacuum extractions

Coarse, level/stage 1

Medium, level/stage 2

Fine, level/stage 3


Fastest Flow Rate

Medium Flow Rate

Slow Flow Rate

Micron Retention

60-40 40-30 30-20 20-15 11 8 2 0.7 0.4

Grade Name

CFP1751 CFP1384 CFP1312 CFP202 CFP1 CFP2 Grade D Grade F A83 NanoScale

Caliper (mm)

0.18 0.23 0.22 0.3 0.2 0.17 0.6 0.4 0.4

Basis Wt (g/m2)

53 70 85 90 86 101 120 80 82

  • Coarse, level/stage 1 is designed to rapidly and efficiently capture the waxes and lipids as
    mobilized by the extraction solvent. This is the most challenging step as the filter must
    capture, without clogging while processing as great a volume as possible prior to filter change.

  • Medium, level/stage 2 is designed to capture the smaller cellular matter which has been
    allowed to pass through the coarse level. This typically is challenging as the cellular
    matter has a high affinity for the fibrous structure of the filter which causes clogging.

  • Fine, level/stage 3 is designed to be a clarification stage. Generally at this stage the wax, lipids
    and cellular matter have been stripped from the extract.

  • Polishing is a final procedure to bring the extract to the highest level of clarity.

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