Chemical & Industrial Applications

Markets Served

I.W. Tremont Co., Inc. serves three primary markets: Analytical, OEM and Industrial.

Industrial Markets

By efficiently consolidating and managing production and inventory levels, I.W. Tremont is able to offer industrial filtration clients with the broad resources of not one single production mill and its product line, but many production mills and product lines. This allows customers to easily fill their specification and price point needs. Also, Industrial filtration customers find value in our timed release and JIT programs further reducing cash flow and project management issues.

Chemical & Industrial Applications
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  • Filter Press Media
  • Filter Thimbles used in Concrete & Slurries
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  • Industrial Hygiene Materials
  • Media for Capturing Metals
  • Dissolving Paper used in Pipe Welding
  • Coalescing Filter Media
  • Botanical Extractions

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