The I.W. Tremont Green Initiative:

Many of the products we supply at I.W. Tremont are used to monitor environmental conditions. We understand and respect the delicate balance of nature and our environment. By following some basic environmentally conscious measures, we feel we can operate efficiently while creating the smallest carbon footprint possible. By doing so, we hope that we can inspire others to do the same and help to make a difference for future generations.

Our Environmentally Conscious Measures Include:

  • Basic recycling – All inbound packaging materials are recycled or reused. Office paper, magazines, printed matter are also recycled.
  • Conservation – Environmentally friendly light fixtures, HVAC, industrial and electronic devices are chosen when doing replacements.
  • Repurpose materials where applicable, i.e. – We process tons of cellulose paper to manufacture some of our products. Where practical, we make the most efficient use of raw materials, because naturally that is just good business sense. Elsewhere, we use our off cuts and scrap as packaging material and void fill in shipping cartons and containers. Everything else gets recycled.
  • Toner cartridges – They are shipped back to the manufacturer or processed at a qualified recycling facility for reuse.
  • Electronic devices – All of these devices are recycled at reputable facilities where they are dismantled and recycled… not shipped to overseas landfills.
  • Chain of environmentalism – we choose environmentally conscious vendors, suppliers and partners over others.

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