The passing of our Founder, CEO and President Salvatore J. Averso

Aug 13th, 2021

We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of our company founder, CEO and President Salvatore J. Averso at age 75.   Sal passed surrounded by his loving family on July 29, 2021 after a short but harrowing battle with cancer. 

Sal began his career with the notable British filtration company Whatman.  After 10 years of employ Sal felt there were areas of the scientific market that were not being addressed.  He decided to launch I.W. Tremont Co., Inc.  The economic climate was difficult and the launch of a new business proved difficult within such a small number of dominant competitors.  He persevered and over the next 40+ years I.W. Tremont would become a market leader in porous and specialty materials.   

Sal accomplished many of his life’s goals by raising a family, building a successful business and feeding his thirst for scientific knowledge.  He enjoyed working with his sons in a business which was an ideal environment for experimentation.  Both James and Andrew Averso, Sal’s sons are equal equity owners of the corporation and have been an integral part of the business for 30+ years.  They continue to operate the business to the same high standards Sal prided himself on.

Sal was born in Hoboken NJ and later moved to Weehawken NJ.  In 1985 he moved his family to the suburbs seeking the trees and mountains, which would later become the naming inspiration for the 42-year established technical and specialty materials manufacturing company, I.W. Tremont Co. Inc. headquartered in Hawthorne, NJ.

Sal attended undergraduate school at Saint Peters in Jersey City, NJ and went on to achieve a Master’s degree in Science (physiology) at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck NJ.  Sal proceeded to achieve academic excellence by instructing experimental surgical procedures which led to a long and successful career in the sciences.

Sal overcame a lifelong challenge of hearing impairment.  Although his hearing was compromised, he never gave up on deeply communicating and understanding the true meaning of what others were saying.  He was loyal, honorable and above all direct in communicating, a trait which was appreciated by family, friends and collogues alike.

His family’s request a donation be made in his honor to Saint Jude Tribute Program

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