Diagnostic Device Materials Resource Binder

Aug 15th, 2018

I.W. Tremont's Diagnostic Device Materials Guide

Tremont is proud to announce the publishing and release of a new version of our Diagnostic Device Materials Resource Binder book which contains several material product categories, detailed technical data sheets and functioning material samples.  This year the binder also details a new category of material opening up sample collection and fluid absorption options for IVD designers.  The book may be requested for shipping which will include samples, or an electronic version may be downloaded for instant access at:  https://www.iwtremont.com/cmsAdmin/uploads/iwtremont-resource-binder-ver3.pdf

Core product capabilities:

  • Wet lay processes for glass microfiber and cellulose media development
  • Porous media development including modification of standard grades
  • Hundreds of standard material grades in glass, cellulose and synthetics
  • Converting such as slitting, die cutting, shearing, laminating & interleaving
  • Component design for injection molding
  • Component assembly using ultrasonic welding
  • Inspection, insertion and encapsulation
  • Device optimization and process consulting
  • Short run to mid-volume manual operations
  • Custom syringe and inline filter devices with integrity testing
  • Kitting and special packaging
  • ISO Class 8 & 9 clean room assembly and production

Partnered capabilities:

  • Paper chemistry and pilot production
  • Lateral flow device design and development
  • Point of care device design
  • Test strip production
  • Micro gravure coating
  • Rapid whole blood separation technologies
  • Microfluidic device design

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