I.W. Tremont's Extensive Manufacturing Capabilities

Sep 27th, 2013

I.W. Tremont, an American manufacturing company, offers an impressive list of manufacturing capabilities and expertise in glass microfiber and cellulose filter media.  We leverage a longstanding and contractual relationship between several mills to put 6 papermaking machines and formers into production.  With this enormous capacity at our disposal, we are able to take a project from lab bench through pilot scale and ultimately full production with ease.

Our partner mill output exceeds 120 grade variants manufactured in the USA and internationally.   With chemists and scientists of several disciplines, experienced papermakers, the finest controls-on-machine plus a rigorous QA protocol, it is not often a project challenge is beyond our capability.

Glass microfiber and cellulose

We also have extensive OEM manufacturing capabilities for syringe filters and extraction thimbles.  Find detailed information by choosing your category:

Syringe filters

Extraction thimbles

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