I.W. Tremont key supply partner in the battle against COVID-19

Mar 26th, 2020

I.W. Tremont has joined the war against COVID-19

Well established manufacturer of analytical and diagnostic filtration products meets critical sourcing requirements for global diagnostic and medical device developers

I.W. Tremont is extremely active in the war against COVID-19 as a key supply partner for materials and general laboratory consumables to the biomedical research community. As the number of cases in the US continues to grow, I.W. Tremont has continued making timely deliveries to manufacturers of RNA isolation kits and oxygen concentrators, vital weapons in fighting the effects of the pandemic. I.W. Tremont attributes its sourcing performance to manufacturing efficiencies and limited exposure to international supply chain issues. The company has been deemed as an essential business, and its facility in Hawthorne, New Jersey is operating at capacity.

Manufacturers of RNA isolation kits are facing a critical demand for more tests. RNA isolation or extraction is used for detection, antiviral efficacy, and vaccine development. I.W. Tremont has material supply partnerships with companies that work with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for manufacturing kits used in research facilities worldwide. In a single week during March 2020, I.W. Tremont shipped material sufficient for its customers to manufacture over 2.3 million research test kits.

Oxygen concentrators concentrate vital oxygen from a gas supply, often ambient air. As COVID-19 is a virus impacting the respiratory system, manufacturers of oxygen concentrators are facing unprecedented demand. Suppliers that have worked with I.W. Tremont for years were suddenly increasing filter orders. I.W. Tremont continues to fill orders as needed.

“These well-established material applications have been previously very steady and predictable with scheduled manufacturing batches, until of course, this COVID-19 pandemic began,” said James A. Averso, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at I.W. Tremont. “Having significant material inventory and additional production capacity has allowed us to respond to the needs of our customers, so they can focus on what they need to do in manufacturing medical devices,” he added.

I.W. Tremont continues to supply analytical and diagnostic filtration materials to other important businesses, such as environmental testing, nuclear power generation, transportation and defense without disruption due to the pandemic.
“We have always prided ourselves on touching millions of lives daily, but it is during a time as challenging as this that we can see the value in running an efficient operation,” added Mr. Averso.

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