I.W. Tremont enters into marketing and sales agreement with Hollingsworth & Vose to represent the H&V Trupor® line of microporous filter media.

Oct 14th, 2021


I.W. Tremont enters into marketing and sales agreement with Hollingsworth & Vose to represent the H&V Trupor® line of microporous filter media.


HAWTHORNE, NJ, October 14, 2021 – I.W. Tremont has signed a milestone agreement to represent, distribute and convert the innovative H&V Trupor® line of microporous filter media manufactured by Hollingsworth & Vose, a global leader in advanced porous materials.  The relationship between these two companies spans decades and the formation of this agreement will bring the novel filtration material to market in a new way.

“The impressive capabilities and innovation of Hollingsworth & Vose yields this novel material which we feel will find significant application in our core markets” explained Jim Averso, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at I.W. Tremont.  He adds, “Via this relationship, Tremont will leverage our strong position in general laboratory consumables, life sciences and medical diagnostics to explore opportunities for the H&V Trupor® media”.

H&V Trupor® is a patented microporous filtration media delivering membrane reliability with best-in-class flow rates. Its composite structure and superior pore size uniformity deliver consistent and reliable results in the key performance characteristics required by the analytical and diagnostic markets.  In most cases the thin formation of this media offers interchangeable equivalency to its cast film counterparts while delivering performance enhancement.

H&V Trupor® enables enhanced flow compared to traditional membranes, improving the ability to filter novel fluid streams. Offered in industry standard materials, via the I.W. Tremont relationship H&V Trupor® will be available in formats consistent with laboratory consumables such as membrane flats and within structured devices.  The significantly lower back pressure improves device design in syringe and inline filter devices used in analytical sample preparation applications.


Company Profiles:

I.W. Tremont Co., Inc. is a US-based manufacturer of analytical and diagnostic filtration products specializing in glass microfiber and high purity cellulose media with emerging advanced materials capabilities.  Unique product lines include specialty materials that are used routinely in life science, medical, environmental, food safety, industrial, transportation, Homeland Security and Defense applications. We manufacture in ISO9001:2015 registered facilities that comply with the FDA’s cGMP. Founded in 1979, the company takes pride in delivering the highest level of customer service and bringing long-term value to the sciences. 


Hollingsworth and Vose is a global manufacturer of advanced materials used in filtration, battery, and industrial applications.  Family-owned for seven generations, the company’s origins go back to 1728 when an ”Act for the Encouragement of Making Paper” was passed by the General Court of the Province of Massachusetts Bay. Evolving continuously since that time, H&V now operates manufacturing and research & development facilities in the Americas, Europe, China and India.  Today, H&V’s advanced materials contribute to a cleaner world through their use in products that provide clean air, clean liquids and energy storage. 

H&V’s  materials can be found in filters for clean rooms, hospitals, computers, commercial buildings, homes, cars, trucks and heavy duty equipment, and also in batteries used mainly in telecom and hybrid vehicle applications.H&V is headquartered at in East Walpole, Massachusetts USA, on the same river where the enterprise began more than 250 years ago.



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