Hydrophobic barrier filters reduce risk of cross contamination

Feb 25th, 2020

New barrier filter units stop, block and lock pipette controllers protecting against infiltration from overdrawing sample

By combining specially developed membranes in series within a single device, HydroBlokr™ filters help protect against the risk of cross contamination and damage to pipette controllers when solutions are overdrawn during the pipetting procedure. The device employs proprietary technology to stop, block and lock the pipette controller once the HydroBlokr™ filter is wetted, significantly reducing the harmful effect of overdraw and accumulated wetting due to repeated aspiration. HydroBlokr™ differs from traditional pipette filter barriers by immediately blocking flow in either direction upon wetting. By continuing to allow flow after wetting, traditional filter barriers become compromised and are unable to stop sample solutions from infiltrating the controller handle and subsequent aspirations. With HydroBlokr™, the filter halts operation indicating time for a change so the pipette controller may continue functioning. Available in multiple design configurations that precisely match standard pipette controller dimensions, HydroBlokr™ filters are easily replaced in about 1-minute. HydroBlokr™ barrier filters significantly reduce the risk of cross contamination.

“HydroBlokr™ technology addresses an intrinsic flaw in traditional hydrophobic barrier filters: the failure to maintain integrity after being constantly wetted from exposure to samples,” says James A. Averso, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at I.W. Tremont, a US-based manufacturer of analytical and diagnostic filtration products, and maker of HydroBlokr™ filters. “HydroBlokr™ filters are just is one of the 41 new products we’re introducing in 2020,” he added.

Multiple configurations are available including sterile and non-sterile filters with 0.22 µm, 0.45 µm and high-flow 0.8 µm porosities. Several device geometries are available to match pipette controller device designs. Tremont also offers the HydroBlokr™ technology in an in-line 50 mm step barb hose configuration which offers the same levels of protection for vacuum pumps and reactor vessels.

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HydroBlokr™ filters are manufactured in the USA and available through popular laboratory supply distributors under the LabExact® brand. The devices are available under contract OEM supply and custom designs.

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